Candle Paint Pen - 2pk
Candle Paint Pen - 2pk

Candle Paint Pen - 2pk

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Comes in sets of 2 pens (2 x 28ml) - Gold/Gold Glitter set or  Silver/Silver Glitter set. (choose from the drop down box).

Easy to use water based pens for writing on candles. The pens contain creamy stable wax for decorating and personalising candles. The liquid dries to a fine raised line so simple dots, dashes and designs can look very stylish. Create drops with the fine point applicator for pearl effects. Alternatively, the liquid can be applied like paint for a flat colour. 


  • Water based
  • Burns residue free as the candle burns down
  • All colours can be mixed to create more colours.


The wax can be used directly from the pen for decorative designs and inscribing on candles. The wax is easy to apply and stays stable on the candle. To apply to larger areas, apply the wax with a sponge or brush.