Ecrylimer Sealer - Natural Matte Finish Water Based

Ecrylimer Sealer - Natural Matte Finish Water Based

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Ecrylimer now has a friend in the way of a clear, penetrating sealer that delivers a highly water resistant natural finish! Completely non flammable, UV resistant, no streaky finishes and non-hazardous - win win! 

500ml of this liquid goodness will cover approximately 1/2 a square metre of finished products.

How to use it?

  • Just sponge or brush on all sides liberally to complete saturation.
  • Pat with paper towel any excess product to avoid white areas
  • Leave dry for 24-48 hours.
  • For all over black or dark products you can dilute the sealant 1:1 with water to reduce the slight dulling white "film" that can occur over the product. Do a test run first on small sample.

Does it make it food safe? No, whilst this is a highly water and oil resistant sealer, it is not guaranteed a complete seal to make it food safe.