M12 – Ultimate Soy Wax Solution - 15kg
M12 – Ultimate Soy Wax Solution - 15kg

M12 – Ultimate Soy Wax Solution - 15kg

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M12 Ultimate Soy Wax Solution

Whether you are a hobbyist or professional candle maker, we have a perfect wax for you.

The M12 Ultimate Soy Wax Solution is a perfect reflection of its name. Formulated through a long process of research, testing and development with our analytical laboratory and manufacturing team the M12 is the MST Ultimate Wax Additive blended with our A05 Superior CocoSoy to give users the best and easiest experience in candle making.

The M12 Ultimate Soy Wax Solution features:

  • Simple to and convenient to use
  • “1 pour wax” with great set and reset after burn
  • Very resilient in warmer conditions
  • Strong under UV lights


The magic of candle making is in your own testing.
Finding which blends, wicks, jars, temperatures, percentages and fragrances yield the best results for you – we encourage you undertake many different tests and trials to achieve your perfect ready to go candle.


Melt Point: Peak melting temperature 52°C
Congealing Point: Congealing temperature 34.3°C–>
Suggested Heating Range: Range of heating 75 – 85°C
Add fragrance at: Approx. 65°C
Suggested Pouring Range: Pouring range 65°C
Suggested Max Fragrance Load: 6 – 8% – this depends on the potency of the fragrance so testing is required.

Contents: Made up primarily of the A05 Superior Cocosoy – natural soy bean and blended Coconut wax combined with the MST Ultimate Wax Additive.

Please note these figures are a recommendation and not instructions. If you are having difficulties achieving desired results, we recommend testing with different fragrance oils at different temperatures.


We suggest you take extra care preparing the pouring conditions of your candles and to always run a test in those conditions before mass producing any of your candle ranges.

Please note all the above recommendations are based on our own testing and our lab finding. Your own testing is a must for accurate results.